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     Ches-C Web.  All that and more.  Ten years and counting!

     Indeed, Ches-C Web can move your business or organization into the 21st century.  Take a gander at the websites to the left that we have created and/or maintain.  If interested, please contact me at the following link.  Remember to replace "AT" with "@".  I look forward to serving!  

     The cat above?  That be Robin, sage of cats.  Okay, so maybe not, but he has been a great friend of mine over the last ten years and counting.  For those of you who understand this statement, slightly reminiscent of Peake, eh?

     Thank you for your continued support of Ches-C Web.  I hope the sites that you find here at Ches-C Web are informative and enjoyable.

     Time for go to bed!

-- Chris Burchett
    Director, webmaster, et al
    Ches-C Web Services
    Charleston, West Virginia


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